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D & C Entertainment, has been a staple at our venue for at least 10 years and we love having them out! I think one of the best things that sets them apart is that they are not cheesy. They are a professional couple, who know how to have fun and make sure everyone around them is doing the same! They manage to stay on top of the current music styles and I have never had to worry one iota when knowing they are on the agenda. They make my job a whole lot easier!

Kindred Oaks
Owner / Coordinator
Elaine Lincoln 512-260-9690
2006 - 2017

Having worked with Coleen countless times at weddings I can honestly say that she is one of the best and most entertaining DJs in the business. Not only does she keep your party going, she is professional, 100% reliable and wonderful to deal with. I would recommend 1WeddingDJ.com to anyone in the need of these services for their wedding day!

Clearly Classy Events
Owner / Lead Coordinator
Johnell Huebner 512-659-9571
2009 - 2017

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They were great to work with and kept everyone dancing throughout the reception. They were super sweet and even brought me water & fanned me when I had to take a break to cool off from dancing. They are great people, great djs, and a great business. I highly recommend them :)

Red Corral Ranch
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Danita & Chris Knight
September 20

Coleen from D&C entertainment did an amazing job at our wedding! She kept everything on schedule, the dance floor moving, and was a pleasure to have as our DJ. Highly recommend!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Audra & Matthew Straughn
July 5

You made our wedding stress free. Being there for me and Patrick was most appreciated. The guest had wonderful things to say regarding your calm demeanor and ability to change mid stream when the small children needed some excitement! Thank you for making the right decisions for us on their behalf. You were able to decipher what I wanted even when I wasn't sure! Your website was extremely easy to navigate. Thank you so very much for all of the personal attention during the whole process!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Patrick & Ronna Ledbetter
April 30

Coleen was Awesome!! She was organized, played a variety of music as we requested, and also had a great sound and lighting system. Highly recommend D&C Entertainment for your event!!

St. George Maronite Catholic Church
Corporate Holiday Party
Rose Duarty
December 6

As a first time dance coordinator for our jr high, I was nervous in selecting a DJ. But, I needn't be. This was THE BEST Halloween Dance Experience EVER!! Our 6th graders had their socks knocked off! They were expecting a "ho-hum" boring dance. NOT SO! Coleen had those kids dancing standing room only :) As one student said... "This was NOT your ordinary 5th grade tea party. THIS was a dance-club-rave thing like no other!!" Awesome music. She joined the fun and wore a costume as well. Professional. Her experience with school dances had me at ease. Very NICE set-up. The kids LOVED the lighting effects. Was on time. Set up quickly. Even stayed a little longer to play music for our volunteer students after they had finished cleaning up. Regarding song requests from our students, I really admired the fact that she took time to talk and listen to them. Those kiddos mean the world to me and Coleen gave them a first dance experience they'll always remember. Thank you D&C Entertainment!!!!

Ridgeview Middle School
School Dance
Cindy Perez
October 17

My husband picked all the music for the wedding. I honestly had nothing to do with it so I cannot comment on the ease of use, but I only heard good things from him. He liked that everything could be chosen online in advance. Colleen was great to work with and as far as I am aware everything went smoothly the day of. The reception was great and we received several compliments on the choice of the music during dinner and the dance floor was packed most of the evening. My husband, who is the music lover, enjoyed it a lot and was happy with his choice in songs and vendor.

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Kirstie & Peter Wilcox
May 2

They played everything g perfectly. They were so helpful when last minute changes arrived and the music they played during the reception was spot on. They did a great job of getting a feel for what songs/kind of music we would want and they had a perfect mix.

Allen House
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Ashley & Derek Sain
April 6

My husband, Brian, and I got married on March 22nd at Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, Texas. D&C Entertainment was one of their suggested reception DJs. Colleen worked our wedding and was very easy to work with and friendly. Their website is set up so that you can request a play/do not play list, you can enter what songs you want for your important dances, etc. You can also see what they own and request a certain number of songs at no extra cost. The reception was a blast! She took requests from the guests and played a good mix and slow and fast songs. We had a great time and would definitely recommend them to any couple!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Brian & Lauren Authur
March 22

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and entertainment for our special evening. You kept things easy and fun and our guests LOVED y'all! We look forward to recommending you to all of our engaged friends! Thank you.

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
The Campbells
November 9

I cannot say how awesome D&C entertainment is! They made our wedding better than I could ever imagine. Daniel & Coleen had just had their baby and a week later they were both at my wedding. Before the big day they were very patient and helpful as I asked all of my last minute questions and made any requests. They told me not to worry and that the day would be perfect. They were right!! Thank you for making sure everyone was on the dance floor and making our day so memorable! You guys are awesome!!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Dusty & Autumn Pilat
March 16

Coleen and Daniel are the best. They made sure that the wedding music was the way we wanted it. I love that they have a request list for the guests that we could go through before the wedding. The music quality was great and so was the lighting they provide. I had so many compliments on the music and the wide range of music that they provide. They were awesome. The guests also commented on how nice and professional they were. They were also great with giving suggestions on music if I was having a difficult time choosing wedding march music and etc. They were very helpful. If you want your music done the way you want it done, go to these two, they will make sure your wedding music is perfect.

Saengerrunde Hall
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Janice & Chris Poorbaugh
November 2

Coleen and Daniel, thank you so much!! Y'all were easy to work with and your website really allowed us to customize the music we were looking for. We could manage playlists, exclude whole genres, and request songs not on the list. The lighting and sound were amazing. My grandparents were even out on the dance floor tearing it up! Thanks again for the great tunes....it really made the party!

Hideout At The Horseshoe
Wedding Reception
Jason & Rachael Edens
October 6

Just a note to say thank you for the excellent dance music this past weekend at the Edens wedding at the Hideout on the Horshoe. You guys did a top-notch job and the dancing just went on and on and on.
-much to the joy of everyone there.

Hideout At The Horseshoe
Wedding Reception
Cliff Mark
Father of the Bride
October 6

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding. We may not have been the easiest (or timeliest!) clients to work with, but you showed up and did absolutely everything we wanted.

The ceremony music was at just the right volume, was clear and crisp, and transitioned smoothly from song to song. I had been concerned due to the outdoor venue and the limestone cliff; but you took everything into account. The reception was even more fun - you provided a great mix of our musical tastes based on the little info we gave; and you moved all the reception events along while keeping a low profile as we had requested, It was perfect - we had a great time, and could not be more pleased.

We will certainly recommend you to everyone!

Hideout At The Horseshoe
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Karen & Chris Wetmore
March 17

We had a great time and our guests gave us lots of compliments on the flow of the wedding, which was made possible by our DJ! I cant emphasize enough how much the flow and structure of the wedding is guided by the involvement of the DJ. This is not something that we could have handled on our own, and since the DJ found and informed us 15 minutes prior to each activity, things went as planned and allowed us to stay on track.

Oh, and of course the entertainment factor! We were allowed to customize songs for any part of the ceremony and reception, and also make more general selections for dance music. A couple of more obscure songs were requested and even purchased by D & C Entertainment during the wedding just to make our day even more special. We would highly recommend using D & C Entertainment at your wedding or any other event where DJ services are needed.

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Byron & Sara Eakin
March 16

Thank you so much for the service you provided at our wedding. You were so fun and engaging and our guests had a great time. We feel so fortunate to have found you and we will recommend you to our friends!

Hamilton Twelve
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Tina & Brian
December 30

Daniel and Coleen provided the music for my son's wedding and did a fantastic job. They were very helpful in keeping the flow of the wedding going, especially for those of us that had no idea what to expect. The music was great and everyone was very pleased. My son and his wife were very happy with the service given by Daniel and Coleen. Everyone commented on the awesome job they did. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and would definitely use them again at any event that needed music.

Memory Lane Event Center
Mother of the Groom
Maggie O'Brien 512-259-2526
May 29

I am so thankful to you both for making our wedding run so smoothly, and making it so special! I HIGHLY recommend using D & C Entertainment for your event!! I used them for my May 29th wedding, and was very impressed with how awesome they were. I don't know WHAT we would have done without their expertise to guide us along our wedding timeline. All of our guests complimented how awesome our DJ was! My sister even said, "I was so tired, but every time I went to sit down, they would play another awesome song! I couldn't stop dancing!" They played all of our requests, and the lights were such a great touch! All of our friends and family danced all night long, and had such a great time... all credit to D & C Entertainment!! Daniel and Coleen FAR exceeded any expectations. I am so happy we chose to have them be a part of our special day! They won't let you down! :)

Memory Lane Event Center
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Christine Coram 512-739-6217
May 29

D & C Entertainment did a spectacular job at my wedding. They included all of my specific song requests and helped the night run so smoothly! My parents were impressed by their attentiveness to detail and warm personalities! I was so nervous about having not only a great ceremony but also a wonderful party. D & C Entertainment got all the people out on the dance floor and had perfect music going to keep everyone there until the end of the night. With D & C, I had no worries about anything! Thank you so much!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Tracy Tanner 832-419-3904
April 29

We almost did not hire a DJ. I am frugal and figured we are more of the "polite conversation" people than the "tear up a dance floor" type of people. In the end we did hire D & C Entertainment because we didn't want to have to worry about figuring out how to "i-pod it." I am so glad that we hired them!!! Throughout the planning process they were very courteous, professional, and prompt. They understand that being hired for something as special as a wedding, or any special event, is an honor and very important to their clients, therefore, important to them.

When we arrived at the reception they were already set up. The set-up was clean and professional looking. They were both dressed nicely and happy to be there. The music went smoothly until the music I had selected almost put some people to sleep during the dinner. They noticed and immediately switched up the music to something a little more lively yet appropriate. While I did fill out approximate times for toasts and other events, they watched the crowd to see when we were ready and did not have things play at awkward times. Throughout the reception they did a great job honing in on the style and songs that kept the crowd going. They had my small wedding of 34 packing in the dance floor! From time to time I could even catch them out of the corner of my eye bopping along to the music.

I highly recommend D & C Entertainment for any event you are having. They are friendly, personable, professional, they love their job, and it shows!

Marriott Riverwalk
Wedding Reception
Michelle Scott
April 27

Daniel and Coleen from D & C Entertainment are the best of the best out there. They go out of the way to help you in any way they can. If you are looking for a great DJ pick them and you will not go wrong! When things do go wrong in your wedding (and trust me they will) they got your back! Thank you so much D & C.

Haven River Inn
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Brian Hinojosa 512-590-5526
April 23

If you want an OVER THE TOP party you will not go wrong with Daniel and Coleen! We are from Wisconsin and hired them for our daughter's wedding at Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley online. We were blessed to find them. Felt like family right from the start! I can't say enough about the Great sound, music selection and personal attention. We can't thank them enough for a WONDERFUL WEDDING PARTY! They are truly awesome! You'd be lucky to get them at your party!

Red Corral Ranch
Mother of the Bride
Karen Sisco 715-835-4694
March 20

Daniel and Coleen were great! They helped me put everything together with very little time to plan and they did everything to ensure that my wedding music was perect! I am so thankful to have had them there on my big day! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Kristy May 512-779-5284
Double Wedding
August 22

Thank you for everything to make our wedding such a success. I left the ceremony music in Coleen's hands and she delivered without a doubt. They do a great job at finding out your likes/dislikes, have to have song choices to make sure you are completely satisfied. The music was wonderful, everything you need to get the party started!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Jennifer and Brian Smith 210-410-4947
Double Wedding
August 22

Daniel and Coleen were amazing! They played the best music, were friendly, and easy to work with. We asked Coleen to take requests and all of our wedding guests were pleased with the attitude and friendliness of the DJ. Most importantly, there was no problem booking an extra 2 hours since our guests were having so much fun!

Hideout At The Horseshoe
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Michael Barvels 646-249-2386
August 14

Coleen is a wonderful master of music. She made smooth transitions into different genres of music during the evening and was very personable with all the guests at the event. She had a "wide" selection of any type of music anyone requested and I did not hear one complaint about her or the music all evening. When we plan our next event with a DJ, she will be the first person I contact. She has done a great job for two years in a row, and on New Year's Eve no less. Thanks a bunch Coleen. Keep up the great work!

Wimberley Chamber of Commerce
Chairman of the Board
Beverly Nesmith
New Years Eve Gala
December 31

Coleen and the D & C staff did a great job at our wedding! She came into the bride's quarters to let me know she was there and setting up (with plenty of time before the event started). They set up and did the music for the ceremony (which was awesome!) and quickly set up for the reception. Not only was Coleen responsive to my guest's requests, but she was also on-top of announcing all the events on time! Because of her efficiency, we never once faltered from our schedule and everything went as planned. Colleen was polite and a fantastic DJ - I highly recommend her and her group to anyone needing a reliable and great DJ!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Mary and Tim
June 13

Eva and I would like to thank you for all your hard work on short notice. The night was marvelous and the music magical. Thanks for having the perfect wedding song for my beautiful bride. Great mix of music, we loved it. We appreciate you allowing us to book you after there was a last minute cancellation. Working with you was fanastic! We will recommend you to anyone that we know for any event. Thanks again!!!

The Fountains Hall
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Earl and Eva Hicks II 512-281-2303
May 3

D & C Entertainment had the jams pumpin all night long! Can't go wrong with these guys! They knew what we wanted and played it! Would recommend them to anyone, anytime.
Thanks Coleen, you were awesome!!!

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Jaron and Megan Singleton 432-889-1553
July 13

Thank you so much for your great services! Everything went perfect at the reception and the song list was excellent! I would definitely recommend D & C Entertainment for any event.

The Highline Club
Wedding Reception
Robert and Kelsey Andrade 512-496-0533
May 17

We used D & C Entertainment for our wedding reception, both for karaoke and music. We were very pleased with the service, professionalism, and flexibility. They were very accomodating when we kept changing the songs we wanted. On the wedding day itself, they showed up plenty early to set up. They were non-intrusive and just kept the music jammin'. The sound and karaoke systems were flawless too. Thanks!

Tuscan Hall
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Anita and Ronny Powell 512-809-8786
March 8

Thank you so much for DJ'ing our formal reception at the Texas Federation Womens Mansion. Our 200 guests loved the music. We really appreciate you also playing some of our indian music for our diverse guests. Everybody at work the next day was talking about how much fun they had dancing at the party. We'll be sure to get in touch with you for our next event. Thank you again.

Texas Federation Women's Mansion
Wedding Reception
Zia and Heather Ely 512-217-9349
April 28

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We could not have been happier with the music for our ceremony and our reception. It was so important to us that people have fun dancing at our reception and you guys did a great job of making that happen. We had such a great time and got so many complements on how fun our reception was. I will recommend you guys to any of my friends when they are planning events.

Kindred Oaks
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Jon & Lauren Dechiro 214-680-4439
March 25

We would like to thank you very much for taking the time to make our day extra special. Being involved in the rehearsal was way above and beyond what we could have ever have asked of you. We would really like to thank you. You are on the tip of our tongue as a referral. Again, thank you for going the extra mile!

American Legion Hall
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
November 24

I really appreciated your fantastic service. It was like having a wedding planner and a DJ all in one. You did an excellent job!

Angel Springs Event Center
Wedding Reception
Ashley Zoerner 512-294-8703
June 18

D & C did a tremendous job for my parent's 25th Anniversary surprise party. It was awesome how involved they were and how they managed to bring everyone together dancing- young to old. They played a wide variety of music, but songs that everyone liked. It was a great celebration. Thank you so much for your part of that!

Mansions on the Green
25th Wedding Anniversary
Amanda & Jeff Remster 512-252-4543
May 5

Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!! You went above and beyond what a DJ should have. All of our guests have been saying how WONDERFUL the DJ was and how much fun they all had!!! Not only did you have all of our requests, you showed our guests, how to do some of the dances. You made our day extra special! We would recommend your company to all of our friends!!

Haynie Chapel
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Mark and Janie Hyatt 770-265-2865
December 30

D & C Entertainment you did a wonderful job for our ceremony and reception. I have been recently myself to a lot of weddings, but I think our wedding has been the most fun out of all of them. I had the lucking chance to see you at one of my best friend's wedding and you were great then and at ours even better! Thank you again, for a job well done without the stress. Everything went so smooth and I know my guests were pleased, my 73 year old Grandmother even danced!!!

Texas Star Event Center
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Mike and Amanda Broccolo
June 4

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We can't say it enough! We wanted to let you know how greatful we are that we hired you for or wedding ceremony and reception. You were so incredibly professional, you blew our socks off! Even when over half the guests did not show up and we had to change everything at the last minute, you went right along with us and never once complained. You stepped right up and were able to get everyone to have a good time and dance. Not only were you and your wife going to the hospital to have your baby right after our wedding, but our parents told us when we got back from our honeymoon that you stayed to the bitter end to help them clean up!!! Where on the earth could you possibly find two more dedicated and friendly professionals?! We could go on forever, so please add us to your reference list...after all, with everything you did for us this is the least we can do for you.

Aquarena Springs Event Center
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Brittany & Joey Ramirez 512-291-8196
February 20

David and I would like to say, Thank You for providing the Beautiful and Fun music for our wedding. You were a pleasure to work with and we will GLADLY recommend you to others seeking great fun and music. We hope to do business with you again in the future. Thank you for your time and efforts.

Texas Old Town
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
David & Brandie Rositas
September 4

Thank you for the WONDERFUL job you did on our Wedding music and also for being the MC at the reception. They both went off without a hitch, and it couldn't have been done without either one of you. Friends keep telling us that our wedding was one of the most fun they have ever been to (which as you know is quite a compliment). It just wouldn't have been the same without you there. Please feel free to have any future clients call me for a reference. I would be happy to give it. I wish you all the success and happiness in the new year!!

Forest Waters Club
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
John & Kristie Zahn 832-723-5721
December 4

We're all back from the honeymoon and back to normal life now, but wanted to say thanks to you and your wife for doing such a great job at our wedding. We have such wonderful memories from the ceremony and reception, and it wouldn't have been as great without the fantastic DJ support you guys provided! Thanks for being so flexible and providing top-notch input before and during the whole ordeal. I would recommend you guys to anyone for big events! Hope all is well down in TX, getting cold up here in Chicago... miss the warm weather. I'd vouch for you anytime. Have a great Holiday Season!

Kali Kate
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Eve & Sean Smiley 847-287-2328
October 24

I really loved what you did for our reception. It was in a very unique location, an old Victorian home, and you made the music work and the party outside fun. Everyone has told me what a great reception it was, and how much fun they had. Thank you also for the announcements which made it seem to move smooth like it was perfectly planned out. Although, we both know that was hardly the case, but that will be our secret. I am so pleased with how great the reception went. Thank you.

Moore House
Wedding Reception
Jennifer Gesick 254-715-4027
October 16

Our wedding ceremony and reception was perfect, a night to remember. The music of course, is what brought everything together. And we have the two of you to thank for that. The announcements that were made helped everything to go as planned, and that was such a big help. Our friends and family complimented very highly on you, and they enjoyed the music so much. We will definitely recommend you for any needs our family may need. Again, thank you so much.

Page House
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Jessica & Mike Rios 512-297-1027
September 24

I just wanted to write and let you know how much we enjoyed having you do our wedding. Joe and I really appreciate your help. You were very professional, and really helped out when you did not have to. It really made our wedding go so much smoother. Our friends and family are still asking about you guys, and telling me how much they enjoyed the music and that they really liked your personality! Great job keeping the party going! We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends for any DJ needs they might have. We are looking forward to working with you again! (We will have to have anniversary parties after all, right?!)

Hancock Recreation Center
Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Joe & Julie Schoch 512-565-0958
August 1

Our wedding DJ was extremely nice!! Everything went well. We even had some last minute stuff and she handled it very well. Everything moved along smoothly throughout the night and everyone was dancing and having a great time!! I will definately recommend ya'll and your services in the future and if you need any references in the future you can add our names and number to your list.

Embassy Suites
Wedding Reception
Kristin Marak 512-565-0958
July 10